Your Legacy; Their Future

Remember the people of the Karen community by leaving a gift in your Will today and give them hope for the future.

Through leaving a gift in your Will to KHT, you will be giving thousands of Karen people the chance of a more  sustainable future. Over the last 15 years, thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we have been able to work with over 364 Karen villages and helped more than 180,000 people through providing access to clean water, education and sustainable livelihoods. This has led to villages with new clean water systems experiencing a 98% drop in typhoid. Many more children have also been given the chance of an education, as over 3,000 have now been to school giving them an opportunity their parent’s generation never had.


There is still however great need among the Karen community, particularly for those living in the more remote border regions, which remain poverty stricken and are not reached by any organisations. With your help we are aiming to ensure all Karen people have access to the basic needs in life; clean water, enough food and a chance of an education. We have worked hard to build up strong relationships with the Karen people and all our projects are led by the Karen, ensuring that the future of their tight knit community is sustainable and the rich Karen culture is not diminished.

Help us on this journey to empowering the Karen people, and provide thousands with hope for the future, by remembering us in your Will today.

To simplify this process we have provided a step by step guide on how to leave a gift to KHT in your Will.