Karen Hilltribes Trust is a charity dedicated to working with the Karen people to help them build a better future for themselves.

In pursuing this aim, we support the Karen community in projects that lead to self-help and sustainability whilst still retaining their identity and culture. Our three key aims are based on the expressed needs and wishes of the Karen people in Thailand. This ensures that all projects are suitable for the local communities and each one is designed, installed and maintained by people living in the Mae Hong Son region of Northwest Thailand.


The approach at KHT is one in which the Karen community lead the installation of the projects which are designed to improve their livelihoods. All of our work is governed by this principal, as we believe it is essential if the results of development are to become sustainable. Our staff in Thailand are all Karen. They have the skills and experience to manage our projects, but we also require the full support of the local people in each village in order to finish any major construction on time and within budget. 


As part of our work we also provide volunteering opportunities teaching English in Karen schools and installing clean water systems in Karen communities.


The vision of the Karen is to create a more self-sufficient future in which they can support their own basic needs. To find out more about how our projects are helping the Karen to achieve this visit our project pages