Seree - Generations of Change

Seree is from the village of Bhan Kham Suk.  

He has lived here for his whole life, with his eight children and wife Mulu.

As we sit amongst three generations of his family, all of whom are busy skilfully crafting from the materials they have around them, we gain a sense of the community that exists here and in so many other Karen villages.


Seree has seen great changes in his 68 years of life. As a young boy instead of school he took on the role of Elephant Mahout. Today, elephants are a rare sight but once upon time there were four working elephants in Ban Kham Suk. Seree, along with his father learnt how to look after these mighty animals and the great dangers that came with this. This tough job earnt him just one baht per day to help support his family but even with this wage there were days where him and his four brothers went hungry as there was simply not enough rice.

As we talk, Seree’s grandchildren begin to appear as they return from the local school.  A school which many of our volunteers have offered their English skills to, welcomed in by the community of Bhan Kam Suk.

For this community, as Seree remembers, KHT has been a familiar sight. In 2000 Seree’s own children volunteered to help build a KHT clean water system. Forced to rely on river water and a government system, water was often contaminated and difficult to access.

‘Many people had typhoid and something that gave them a high fever but today not many people are unwell!’

But today, dotted around the village are KHT taps providing clean water from a KHT water tank, built thanks to the hard work of Karen volunteers, our local team and the helping hands of KHT volunteers from the UK.

Elephants are now a distant memory for this community. With better health, villagers are able to work more effectively and earn enough from their crops to feed their families and allow their children to go to school.  As we ask what else Seree would change, with a smile on his face he tells us that:

‘I am happy living in the village as I can collect vegetables and fruit from the fields around me and cook chicken for my family, I have everything I need.’

Every year we are able to reach out to Karen communities just like Seree's thanks to the generosity of our supporters. You too can be part of building futures by  donating   today!