School Meals

School Meals

The Need: Karen students are especially disadvantaged due to the remoteness and poverty of their families, and those who cannot supplement their meals with extra food often go hungry during the school day. These children may have to walk many miles to and from school on an empty stomach. Their academic performance can suffer considerably and many give up their education and return home to work in the fields. This greatly restricts their opportunities for the future and contributes to economic inequality. 

“The KHT school lunch is really important for me. If I didn’t get the school lunch I don’t know how I would manage.”

- Bupha Mayer, Student from Chiang Rai Province

The Project: KHT work to supply schools and dormitories with school meals, ensuring that marginalised Karen children receive three meals a day when studying. Every year, we help hundreds of children across a number of schools and villages. 

The Impact: Basic nutrition can transform a child’s education, giving them the energy and focus needed to excel in their studies. The provision of meals also means that many Karen children can stay in school instead of returning to their villages when parents cannot afford to support them. 


How You Can Help

School meals are a simple but effective way of ensuring that Karen children can participate in and complete their education. Why not consider helping a child today by purchasing an ethical gift on our website. Our fundraising team are always happy to discuss how your contributions could change a life for marginalised children in northwest Thailand.