School Buses

School Buses

The Need: Children from isolated Karen communities in northwest Thailand are at a distinct academic disadvantage. Most villages are around 10 kilometers from the nearest primary school, while secondary schools can be 50 kilometers away and high schools even further. Official statistics in 2007 show that only 25% of Karen children reach secondary school due to lack of funds or facilities. 

The Project: We are committed to providing free school buses from remote villages to allow children to attend secondary school. These buses are controlled by the village education committee who engage the services of a local driver. The financial contribution from KHT supports the fuel costs, without which the bus could not operate. 

The Impact: The bus service has now been running for over 15 years and we know that the children who have used this service have all gained in confidence and academic ability. Our data suggests that almost 95% of the children who travel on these buses complete their secondary education. Some of these students are now studying at university, while others have jobs in Chiang Mai. 


How You Can Help

You can help more children access school and complete their education today. Donations can be made through our website, or alternatively you may wish to purchase a ride to school as an ethical gift