Pornrudee - Skills for a Lifetime

Only 1 in 4 Karen children have the chance to receive an education. Most Karen villagers are subsistence farmers and cannot afford to pay for their child to reach secondary school or university. This leads to an endless cycle of poverty.

However, the opportunity to gain a university education is a passport for future employment and the best way to lift generations of Karen out of this cycle of poverty.


Meet Pornrudee, she comes from a family of five in the village of Ban Huaina. She studies at Chiang Mai Rajabhat University, about 110km away from home. Her parents worked hard to pay for her education, but her mother frequently fell ill and had to pay for expensive doctor’s fees. With little money, Pornrudee was not sure whether her family would be able to afford her universities fees anymore.

Her life changed in 2016 when she received a KHT scholarship. From then on, she knew she would be able to finish her studies and fulfil her dream of becoming a teacher.

She will graduate in March 2017. Pornrudee hopes she can one day go back to her community and pass on these skills by teaching the next generation.

‘After receiving a scholarship everything was better and my life is much improved. I would like to thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I don’t know how can I ever repay you. I will work hard and certainly not disappoint you.’

Thanks to our generous supporters, KHT has been able to successfully fund many Karen students just like Pornrudee through university. We currently support 16 students, who study in a range of fields from nursing to engineering.  These scholarships offer life-changing opportunities for those that come from poor and marginalised Karen communities.

Some of our students have decided to find work in the city, where there are more opportunities than in the remote region of Mae Hong Son. However, many have decided to go home to their villages to give back to their community. This allows the Karen to help themselves and their communities long into the future, while maintaining their unique culture and identity. Education will empower future generations by lifting them out of poverty and enabling them to become self-sustainable.

It costs £400 per year to give a Karen student the life-changing opportunity of a university education. By donating today you can help improve generations of lives for the better.