Peekai and Vorichai – School Dreaming

Here you can see Peekai (right) and Vorichai (left) who are both 13 years old and live 35km away from their school, Choomchon Mae La Suk, in Mae La Luang.


Many Karen children have to travel up to 50km to reach secondary school and need to stay in a dormitory as their families are too poor to pay for transport, with 64% living on just £1 a day.

Both Peekai and Vorichai live in the new dormitory built this year by KHT, thanks to the generous funding from The British and Foreign Schools Society, which gives the school space for 30-40 more boys to stay. Last year there were 108 students living in two dormitory buildings only sufficient for 70 and many were sleeping on the floor of teacher’s houses. This is exactly what Nootsabar (centre) did when she was at the school many years ago before there were any dormitories.

Nootsabar later received a scholarship from KHT to go to university and has now been working with us for 10 years and is our current Karen Administrator. If Peekai and Vorichai work hard they will now have the chance to go on to further education too as they can stay in the dormitory until they are 18. They shared with us their hopes and dreams for the future which they are now one step closer to:

Peekai would like to be a doctor and enjoys sport, his favorite team is Bayern Munich! Vorichai likes maths and one day wants to be a teacher.

The remoteness and poverty of the Mae Hong Son region means that only 1 in 4 children have the opportunity for a life changing education. Being able to access education is a basic human right and through providing dormitories, we are giving children the chance of a better future.