Laura makes it to Turkey!

After nearly two months of cycling, Laura has crossed the border into Turkey. 

The experience in her own words:

"It is nice to have the encouragement and motivation to keep going that cycling with each other brings, when cycling alone it is just a slog. We all crossed the border into Turkey together today, at the top of one of the biggest hills I have sumitted yet, a whopping 731m above sea level (bear in mind just yesterday morning we were at sea level)! It felt amazing and I felt elated cycling down the hill on the other side! :-) I am in Turkey and I can hardly believe it, but it feels great. Only 200km and three days to go until I reach Istanbul!"

If you haven't been following her fantastic blog, you can read more HERE


Laura has just made her fundraising target too, but if you would like to mark her achievement with another donation you can do so on JUSTGIVING