19th April 2017
This month a sparkling gem-studded partnership has been launched that will see lives changed in the poorest communities in Thailand.
21st March 2017
Find out what our Programmes Officer James discovered on our eye-opening team visit to the Karen communities earlier this month. 
17th March 2017
Go on a journey to the mountains of Northern Thailand in this article by the South China Morning Post to find out how KHT is helping the Karen to build sustainable futures. Click here to read the full article.   
28th February 2017
‘Reaching the isolated’ is one phrase that you might (hopefully) have recently seen littered across KHT literature. The true meaning of this is one that we learnt as we spent a weekend journeying into the region of Sao Hin.
19th February 2017
A phrase which you will hear all over the country and one which rang true along the next step of our journey into the far corners of Northern Thailand. 
15th February 2017
Our UK team has been given the opportunity to visit Thailand and have a taste of Karen life. Read on to find out more! 
6th February 2017
A theme of the work we do with the Karen is to ensure they can continue living in the mountains in harmony with the environment.
25th January 2017
This January, five volunteers have begun their teaching adventures and we are looking forward to see what unfolds as they are welcomed into two village schools.
6th January 2017
From the factories of Sheffield to the fields of Mae Hong Son. An exciting discovery has been made by Karen villagers that has taken the team on a journey back through time to the 1940s. Read on to find out more.
5th December 2016
Here you can read our latest newsletter, which is jam packed full of our latest updates and ideas on how you can be part of changing lives this Christmas!