From the UK to Thailand

15th February 2017

If you were to stumble by our our KHT HQ in York you might notice that things are looking a little bit quiet. There is no need to worry though, we haven’t all given up and gone home. 

Instead quite the opposite. Our UK team has been given the opportunity to visit Thailand and have a taste of Karen life. Until the end of February we will be communicating with you directly from the field, so look out for regular blog, photo, video and any other kind of updates we can think of. 

Why work in the field? 

By working directly from Thailand our team will be able to gain further understanding of all our projects and the work that our Karen team does. We will also be gathering case studies to give you, our supporters, more of a glimpse into Karen life.  

An important step 

For the first time, we will be training our Karen staff to collect all important monitoring and evaluation data. This will allow us to effectively measure the impact of our projects. Currently the only indicator we have is the positive feedback from the Karen themselves and basic survey forms, but this is mostly qualitative data. We  wish to solidify this with quantative data. 

With this data we can not only communicate better with our our supporters and donors but we can most importantly ensure projects are being delivered most effectively. You will be hearing soon from our Programmes Officer, James, who has been working hard on developing this KHT area of work. 

For now we are experiencing life in the hustle and bustle of Bangkok but are preparing to travel up North for a slighter slower pace of life!