Through the lens of Fondation Jan and Oscar

KHT recently welcomed Laurence Pian (Director) and Philippe (Trustee), from Fondation Jan and Oscar, to Thailand for an adventurous three days of project visits across the Mae Hong Son Province.

As supporters of a clean water project planned for February 2017, Laurence and Philippe took the opportunity to see some KHT projects in action and how their donation will improve the lives of the Karen people.

As Adventures Begin

On day one, William, KHT director, drove Laurence and Philippe to Ban Mae Jaa to see a KHT food security project completed in 2014. Many Karen farmers struggle to produce enough food to feed their families and natural disasters such as flooding and drought decimate their crops. Without a sustainable source of income, Karen farmers often cannot afford to send their children to school. To combat this, since 2008, KHT has completed 75 food security projects, helping to protect Karen farmers’ crops, support an increase in crop yield, and help the Karen achieve food security. Improving livelihoods also supports improved access to education for Karen children.

To do this, KHT installs a flood-resistant irrigation system to protect fields from floods and provide water for crops during the dry season. Watch the video below to see a KHT food security project and how they are changing lives.


Day two of the trip saw Laurence and Philippe meet the village they will be supporting; Ban Mae Yod. The village is home to 300 people and 120 students attend the school in the village. Fondation Jan and Oscar will be funding the construction of a clean water system in this village, which will install a tap at every household and the school, to provide life changing clean water and improved health for the 120 students and the rest of the village. Construction will start in February 2017 and will take approximately three weeks. As a community-led project, all of the village will help construct the water system; a reason why, along with the high impact of the project, Fondation Jan and Oscar chose to support KHT.


The final day of the visit provided an opportunity to see a clean water project in action. William took Laurence and Philippe to see our Ban Huay Ngoo extension project. Ban Huay Ngoo originally had a water system installed by KHT in July 2004, however after a population increase and sporadic drought left the village with an insufficient amount of water, KHT decided to return to Ban Huay Ngoo and extend their water system to a new water source to ensure that the village has enough water. A difficult day trekking for the group, Laurence and Philippe got a chance to see the water source and the villagers laying the pipes, demonstrating how the whole village is involved and how our projects are truly community-led.


After a great week of project visits, we would like to say a big thank you to Fondation Jan and Oscar, and to Laurence and Philippe for taking time out of their busy schedule to visit KHT in Thailand. We cannot wait to get started in February 2017 and will no doubt provide updates of the project along the way!

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