The things you can find in your backyard!

6th January 2017

From the factories of Sheffield to the fields of Mae Hong Son.

An exciting discovery has been made by Karen villagers that has taken the team on a journey back through time to the 1940s.

The hills of northern Thailand played a key role in the Second World War along the Burmese frontier. The conflict, not often remembered, was one that was fought long and hard between the Allies and the Japanese in of the world’s toughest climates. 

The small town of Khun Yuam, in Mae Hong Son, became not only the Japanese base for the offensive into Burma but also a refuge for fleeing troops. Many soldiers sadly never made it all the way home, succumbing to malaria and other rife diseases. But alongside this was hope, as many have reported strong relationships being built between soldiers and villagers.

In one of our most remote projects to date, Karen villagers have unearthed a British hoe which tells this tale of friendship and struggle.  Today this humble hoe, found in the village of Ban Maw Kho Jaw, reminds us of how close our projects are moving to the Burmese border and the hope for building a future together in this region. As we reach out to even more isolated communities who knows what else might be discovered; watch this space!