A Summer Note From Our Director

Dear Supporters,

It’s been just over a year since I moved my life out to Thailand where I now work for most of the year. My fiancée and I live in a small city on the Thai-Burmese border called Mae Sot, and I travel back every three months to the UK to spend some time in our UK office in York. The past 12 months have been very eventful and I’m now pleased to be able to write to you with much more current news directly from Karen villages.

One thing which is striking from spending more time here is how challenging the climate is to live in. While many people enjoy idyllic holidays in the popular islands in the south of the country, there are numerous challenges to living along the border. The summers are sticky and wet, with mosquitos coming out in force at night time so malaria, dengue and even zika are present in the north. The dry season which takes place from November to February are the most pleasant months with temperatures peaking during Songkran – the Thai New Year -  in April.

KHT%20Water%20Projects%20Small-9162_0.jpNow that I am within a morning’s drive of the projects, we are making efforts to collect information from the work we have already completed. There are 158 villages which have a KHT clean water system built by hand in Mae Hong Son, made possible by the generosity of our supporters. Our latest surveys confirm that Typhoid has dropped by an average of 98% which is quite amazing.

We are also looking to the future. I recently sat down with Salahae and we located 80 villages on the map still in desperate need of clean water – this is sure to keep us busy for at least 10 more years as long as we continue to have the KHT supporters by our side!

Alongside our projects, we must inform you of some changes to the law which come into effect next year about how we contact you. You may be aware that charities have been under the spotlight since the case of the elderly lady in Bristol who was getting bombarded with requests for donations and sadly took her life. This shook the fundraising world and now we need to make sure that we are not doing the same to you. We will be contacting you again when new legislations are set in Autumn, to make sure that we are only sending you things that you want to see.

Finally, I hope you enjoy reading our summer newsletter with more updates from KHT. I also encourage you to drop me a line if you have questions or would like to know more. This will be an interesting year, with the cremation of Thailand’s late king and the coronation of his son planned for this autumn. I’ll look forward to sending more news at Christmas.

Best wishes,


William Harnden

KHT Director