Reporting From the Field

We bought you news earlier this year that we were putting in place an essential monitoring and evaluation system, which looking to the future we hoped would be carried out by our Thai-based team. This week, we are happy to report that we have made this important step forward as two of our Karen staff have begun to head out into the field to gather impact data.

Fresh from being trained earlier this year by our UK programmes officer, James, and armed with an electronic tablet our staff will be heading to villages across Mae Hong Son.

The two staff stepping out into the field are Nootsabar, our Project Officer and Taku, one of our trek leaders who have both been working with KHT for many years.  Over the next month they will be weaving their way through Mae Hong Son to conduct interviews with Karen villagers, based around our food security projects.

Local Staff in Training 

Time to get technical

Through utilising a KHT tablet loaded with data collection software, Nootsabar and Taku will be able to easily record the data they will be working hard to collect. Once back in the local town, Khun Yuam, this data will then immediately be sent all the way to the UK ready for analysis.

This is the first time such software will have been utilised by KHT, but is an important step to make as it will allow data to be gathered more effectively. From this data we can then evaluate how our projects are performing and ensure they are working as well as they can for the communities they are benefitting.

From beginning to end

Our long-term plan is to not only roll out interviews after projects have been implemented but also prior to projects taking place. This will give us a fuller picture and allow us to see how lives really are being changed.  

KHT projects, of course, go well beyond food security so our next step is to develop a similar system for our Karen staff in the areas of Health and Education.

It is our mission to work towards ensuring all elements of our work are community-led and sustainable right through from project planning to gathering stories from communities, allowing projects to last long into the future. Nootsabar and Taku’s role are bringing us one step closer to making this happen.

A Karen Interviewee: Malae