Jewellery for a sustainable future

This month a sparkling gem-studded partnership has been launched that will see lives changed in the poorest communities in Thailand.

Here at KHT we are happy to report that ethical jewellery company, Cerimani, has pledged to support KHT through the sale of its handcrafted jewellery. In an age where consumers are becoming more conscientious, Cermani gives customers the chance to connect with communities and change lives.

For over 124,000 Karen clean water is still not a reality. Villages are isolated, lying over 50km from the nearest schools and hospitals and many villages rely on dirty river water.

Each jewellery purchase will help change this.

Cerimani is using profits to fund clean water pipeline projects for Karen communities living in the mountains of Northern Thailand.


Young entrepreneur and founder of Cerimani, Proud, has shared her hopes for the partnership:

"Cerimani is fully committed to raising awareness and providing financial support to KHT. The goal is to provide clean water, restoring a sense of balance and give residents basic human rights. We hope to be able to target the conscientious customer who wants wear pieces that have a strong stance on improving the lives of those less fortunate"

Proud started Cermani in a bid to move away from working with global companies that did not respect or recognise those who work tirelessly behind the scenes to create their products. Through working with professional designer Susri, Cerimani has created products that give back to these people and have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Cerimani Founder, Proud and Designer, Susri. 

To mark its support of KHT, Cerimani has created an exclusive jewellery design representing Karen children being able to pursue their dreams. The piece contains blue topaz gems encased in a leaf-like edged droplet of dreams.The profits from the purchase of this piece and all others by Cerimani will go directly towards helping the Karen. 

Cerimani’s jewellery is ethically crafted right from production. All gemstones and metals used are from conflict-free sources. This means that customers who purchase this jewellery really are able to wear a hope for the future.


To find out more about Cerimani and look through their brand new collection visit: