Education for the Isolated

This month our Karen team have officially begun constructing a much-needed school dormitory in the remote region of Sao Hin. The project comes after a direct appeal for help from Ban Pho So School.

For many Karen students accessing education is a long upward struggle, literally. Those living in the most remote areas of Mae Hong Son often face a three day, 50km walk to school.

With few options, Karen children either miss out on an education or overcome this struggle by camping out in schools, staying on overcrowded classroom or teacher’s floors.

Today this is a reality for hundreds of Karen children living in Sao Hin National Park. An area of Mae Hong Son which lies deep in the mountains close to the Myanmar border. Villages have limited road access, often become completely cut off during the rainy season. Schools like Ban Pho So are a lifeline for the people living in these isolated villages.

Ban Pho So School deep in Sao Hin National Park 

Building hope for the future

KHT is reaching out to these children living in isolation by building a school dormitory which will be able to accommodate over 60 Karen children.

Students from over 10 villages will have access to the dormitory, in the remotest region KHT has worked in to date, and the building will be fully equipped with toilets to help dramatically improve health.

As conditions and access to school improves, more children will have the chance to complete their education giving them hope for the future.

KHT has built eight dormitories for Karen children in years gone by and our statistics show that 95% of Karen children who have benefitted from our education programmes have completed school.

A hope for the future 

Help for the whole community

The benefits of this project will go far beyond simply those staying in the dormitory. The dormitory will push up attendance figures for Ban Pho So School minimising the risk of closure. A threat which looms over rural schools, which are increasingly being closed by the government in favour of larger schools in towns and cities.

The construction process will also provide employment for the local community as labourers from the local area will be utilised. Once completed a Karen caretaker will be employed to supervise the dormitory and schools will be left in charge of providing maintenance and electricity. This will ensure the dormitory is sustainable, providing support for the whole community long after KHT has left the area.

Construction well and truly underway

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