Building Futures Side By Side

We love stumbling across encouraging stories and this week we were delighted to have bumped into a lady called Wanlee who shared her KHT story.


Scattered across the mountains of northern Thailand, are many different hilltribes all living side by side one another. Wanlee is a member of the Hmong hilltribes, a community which often shares land and resources with the Karen.

From 2005 to 2010 Wanlee attended Khun Yuam Wittaya High School and like many students was able to attend a KHT English Camp. An event which gives students the chance to practice their English speaking and listening in a fun and competitive environment, with prizes galore. Running such an event, requires the hard work of our teaching volunteers who provide lessons of all shapes and sizes helping to bring English alive.

Our 2017 English Camp Team

Today Wanlee, as a result of being able to complete her education and use English more confidently, is helping others to build futures by working for Handicap International as an Occupational Therapist.

“I joined English camp and have opportunities to practice English with volunteers that come to teach English in my school. I want to say thank you very much for The Karen Hilltribes Trust for giving a chance to me to practice my English.”

Many of our projects support communities beyond the Karen due to some villages having a diverse population. When villages do have a mix of ethnicities we strive to provide support equally for all households whether they be Karen, Hmong or other hilltribes. All this is made possible through the hard work of our Karen team and generosity of our supporters!