Bringing English to life, from classroom to playground

25th January 2017

This January, five volunteers have begun their teaching adventures and we are looking forward to see what unfolds as they are welcomed into two village schools.

Every year KHT sends out budding teaching volunteers to the far corners of Northern Thailand to work with Karen teachers to bring English to life. No day at a Karen school is ever the same, with lessons taking on all shapes and forms both inside and outside the classroom.

From repetition to reality

For Karen students, English is largely one of repetition and memorising as rote learning techniques prevail. Some lessons even take the form of lessons via Satellite as teachers are televised in. For the few months that our volunteers are with Karen Schools the aim is to build on the hard work of Karen English teachers, helping to equip students to confidently speak ‘real’ English.

The majority of our volunteers are faced with very basic levels of spoken English. Karen teachers are often well equipped to teach English grammar and structure, but lack confidence in spoken English. It is this which our volunteers are working with Karen teachers to change.


From volunteers to community members

The moment volunteers step foot in Karen villages they are welcomed into the heart of the school community. Each day volunteer teachers take part in a plethora of school activities from Art to Scout camps and eat lunch with Karen teachers. It is here that English really comes alive as children and teachers alike grow in confidence speaking English in its natural context.

Learning English is critical for Karen children as it allows them to build themselves a more secure future through further studies and employment.  Through passing on skills to Karen teachers as well as students, our hope is it leave schools in a position to teach English more confidently to equip students with skills that will last a lifetime.

Today we are seeing how improving Education really does make a difference, with Karen teachers reporting high numbers of secondary students going on to complete University degrees.

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