1 Week, 3 events and 65 volunteers later

30th September 2016

KHT 2016 Volunteer Reunion

This September saw over 60 KHT volunteers from up and down the UK come together to reunite and celebrate for a week of KHT Reunions.


To mark the celebrations KHT welcomed a very special visitor all the way from Thailand, Salahae. Hard working KHT Karen manager, Salahae, has worked with KHT for over 19 years and is a face all volunteers know.

Volunteers gathered together across three different events in Bristol, London and York to welcome Salahae and reminisce over their time in the hills of Thailand. The events gave volunteers the opportunity to catch up on the latest news from the Karen, have an exclusive sneak peak of the new KHT video and hear stories from Salahae himself.

How many?!

KHT has seen over 500 volunteers travel to the Karen communities, to help build life changing water systems and teach in local schools. This number is one that keeps on growing and many volunteers have since returned to their villages to see the progress that has been made.


The work that KHT does to help the Karen build sustainable futures is made possible through not only building strong links with the Karen community but the hard work of its many volunteers and supporters.

Visit our volunteer pages to find out more and hear from our volunteers themselves.