Nets For All!

This year saw a colossal 4,760 lifesaving mosquito nets reach the people in the poorest and most remote regions KHT has worked in to date.


Alongside providing water, sanitation and food security projects, a vital step KHT takes towards disease prevention is through providing mosquito nets.

For the Karen living in Sao Hin and Mae Khong which are among the poorest districts in Mae Hong Son, mosquito nets are a lifeline. Some villages lie over 100km from the nearest hospital and in the rainy season become completely cut off.

Through working with one of our generous donors and local Karen staff every family in the 47 villages KHT works in, within these two remote districts, now have their very own mosquito nets.

Mosquito nets are essential in the prevention of malaria, one of the most severe public health problems worldwide, killing over 1 million people annually. With no vaccine available, preventing the spread of malaria is paramount and one of the best ways to achieve this is to provide mosquito nets.

Poverty is widespread, however, among the Karen people and families cannot afford to buy mosquito nets. Through responding to this basic need, alongside clean water, sanitation and food security needs, many more Karen now have the chance of a healthier and more sustainable future.

Reaching out to the most isolated and poorest Karen people is one of KHT’s key goals. Join us in making this a reality by donating today and helping provide a sustainable future for many more Karen.