Malaria Prevention

Mosquito Nets

The Need: Malaria is one of the world’s most severe public health issues, killing over a million people every year. Although affordable and effective measures to prevent the disease exist, impoverished Karen communities typically lack the resources needed to acquire them. This leaves communities at significant risk, particularly amongst young children and pregnant women. 

The Project: With no malaria vaccine available, mosquito nets are one of the most effective measures to prevent the disease from spreading. KHT works to distribute these to the villages that are most in need, using nets that are impregnated with insecticide to maximise their effectiveness. 

The Impact: Data collected from villages that we have returned to has confirmed a dramatic reduction in levels of malaria once these nets are distributed. The insecticide within these nets remains effective for up to a year, and the Thai government now provide free services to re-impregnate them in most small towns. 


How You Can Help

It costs just £6 to give a Karen villager the gift of protection against malaria. Make a donation through our website today, or contact a member of our fundraising team for more information on our life-changing work in Thailand.