Help change lives this World Water Day!

This March we are giving you the chance to help change lives by becoming a #WaterWarrior!

On the 22 March 2017, across the globe people will be coming together for UN World Water Day. Here at the Karen Hilltribes Trust we want to celebrate the gift of clean water and to mark the occasion we need you to join our Water Warriors!

Over 120,000 Karen people, from the poorest community in Thailand, still don’t have access to clean water but with your help we can change this.  We are working with these communities to help deliver sustainble clean water and sanitation systems.

How You Can Help

By joining our #WaterWarriors campaign, you can help us turn the world blue on 22 March and have a whole lot of fun along the way!


Step 1.

Turn your home/office/self blue, in any way you like. The more inventive the better! Why not think about hosting a non-uniform day at school or dress blue day at work?

Step 2.

Ask everyone to donate £2 if they can and then tell the world what you’re doing. Share your efforts on Social Media with the hashtag #WaterWarriors and tag @KarenHilltribes

Step 3.

Have fun and celebrate, you have been a part of providing the lifechanging gift of clean water!

Please join with us and together we can build futures one drop at a time. Make sure you take a look at our Facebook and Twitter pages for lots of updates and fun ideas.

For more information or some great fundraising ideas contact our team today: