The Need: An incredible 75% of Karen children do not complete their secondary education because they live too far from school and have nowhere to stay. Some children are lucky enough to find a place in a dormitory situated in the school grounds or nearby, but they are often poorly constructed, overcrowded and underfunded. Many stay in dormitories for the entire week, as their homes can be over 50 kilometers from school. 

The Project: KHT has supported thousands of children by repairing dilapidated dormitories and providing essential furnishings such as beds and mosquito nets. In addition, our Thai-based Karen team have constructed entirely new dormitories for those communities most in need. 

The Impact: Our projects have improved quality of life for thousands of students living in dormitories across Mae Hong Son province, and have allowed hundreds to access an education for the first time in their lives. Schooling is one of the most powerful tools to lift generations out of the cycle of poverty, and the completion of primary and secondary study will equip students with the skills and avenues needed to embark on a career and life beyond the paddy field. 


How You Can Help

Any donation large or small made to The Karen Hilltribes Trust could enable more children to access an education for the first time. To give your support, please consider making a donation through our website today or contact a member of our fundraising team for further information.