Capturing the Real Story

Giving the Karen a voice is at the heart of the work KHT does. This summer saw our very own Karen staff being given storytelling training. This today is empowering the Karen to tell their unique stories.

Keeping projects sustainable and allowing the Karen to take ownership of the work we do is central to the way KHT works. Back in August, this community led approach was extended to capturing stories directly from the Karen villages. An exciting partnership was formed with Local Story, a Bangkok based organisation dedicated to sustainable storytelling.

Our Storytelling Ambassadors

Through this partnership, many of our local KHT staff have now been trained to become ‘storytelling ambassadors’. These ambassadors are now equipped in how to identify, plan and tell successful stories. To strengthen these stories, ambassadors also have had the exciting chance to learn the basics of shooting and editing photography.

Our ambassadors are now ready to create captivating contenting showing the real story and who the real characters are.

One of these ambassadors is KHT Project Officer Nootsabar, who has been testing out these new skills in exciting interviews and even a few photo shoots:

‘I like speaking to people. The reason you do the interview is you will know them more, because they will tell you more story from them. If you ask them they need to tell you more, but you have to decide the question too and then you will know how life is hard for them.’


Putting these skills back into the community, is also a key part of this new initiative. Ambassadors can go on to train other villagers to ensure the cycle of storytelling continues long into the future, giving more Karen the opportunity to tell their very own story. Watch out for exciting updates from our Ambassadors on our  website  and across   social media