Building Futures Together

A great time was had by all on a recent visit to the Rotary Club Bangkok South (RCBS). The group, which has been supporting KHT for the last two years, gave KHT the chance to come and speak at their November luncheon.

During the luncheon our director, William Harnden, had the opportunity to update RCBS on the impact of a clean drinking water system they had recently funded. The system, built last year by Karen villagers working alongside KHT volunteers, provided the 246 villagers of Ban Huay Tong Jing with life-changing access to clean water.


Having access to clean water not only lowers levels of disease such as typhoid but also allows villagers to become more productive, as they no longer need to spend time carrying water from streams far away. Today, the villagers of Ban Huay Tong Jing can now reach clean water at the turn of a tap and spend more time working to provide for their families. Because this project was community led, the community are now also equipped with the skills needed to maintain the system long into the future.

The audience engaged well with this progress, providing an enlightening evening. Rotarian Mark Wolf commented on the partnership between RCBS and KHT:

‘Our club is proud to be affiliated with your humanitarian project and delighted to see the visual results of the giving.’

Since 1999 we have been working with an increasing number of different groups and organisations, both here in the UK and abroad, who generously support us with their resources and contributions.

However, there is still much work to be done in the region. This year saw the worse drought in over ten years hit Mae Hong Son, leading to a sharp decline in crop yields and malnutrition. With the continued help of a wide range of supporters, we can overcome these challenges and go on building sustainable futures together with the Karen. 

If you are a group/organisation and would like to support KHT then contact our fundraising team or make a donation today.