Build A Clean Water System


Gaining access to safe, clean water is still a problem in about 40% of the mountainous region of the Mae Hong Son Province.  Drinking dirty, diseased water leads to a cycle of poverty and sickness.  If the children are sick, they cannot go to school. If their parents are too busy collecting water, they cannot work in the fields and earn a living.

You can be part of changing this today.

Every year we send volunteer teams to Karen communities to take part in clean water projects. Volunteers live and work alongside Karen villagers helping to construct a clean water system which will benefit the whole community. 

“It was so gratifying and invigorating to actually contribute to a community in Thailand, as opposed to just observing or passively experiencing something, as I would have normally as a tourist.” Josh, Water Project - 2013

The Project

The building process takes around 3 weeks where volunteers work in very wet and muddy conditions. A typical day involves digging trenches, laying pipes and much more. At the end of the three weeks volunteers are then able to witness the difference that they have made by seeing the delight of the villagers when they can turn on a tap for the first time in their lives! At the end of the placement volunteers are taken on an exciting three day trek led by our local Karen staff through the forests.

How do I find out more?

To find out more about the costs, dates, how to apply and much much more then please visit our applicant information pages which can be found here

“It was beautiful, looking out over the incredible mountainous scenery, half jungle, half farmland.”​ - Louise, Water Project - 2016

Click > here < to find out more about our the amazing stories our past volunteers have brought back with them.

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