And the Support Goes On

Our volunteers have been supporting KHT for decades and are a central part of the work we do. Many support KHT long beyond their time in Thailand, becoming ambassadors for the charity and continuing to raise life changing funds for the Karen.

Just one of the many ways our volunteers have been doing this is through gaining company support. We recently heard from Sophie, who volunteered back in 2008 with KHT and today has raised a collosal £15,000 through her company giving scheme! For some inspiration read her story below:

I took part in a 6 month placement in a Karen village where I taught English in the local school. When I arrived at my village, Ban Puku, I was very happy to be placed with a Karen family. This allowed me to immerse myself more into the community and the Karen way of life. After my placement, I took part in a water project in a village near the Burmese border. This was an incredible experience and you could really see the difference the clean water would make to the community.

I will always be grateful to KHT because it gave me an absolutely fantastic experience, and I have made friends with which I will always have a bond.


I had the opportunity to return to my village a few years ago when I was living in Thailand. This was lovely – seeing my Karen family again, it was like no time had passed. Having Nootsabar there, and being able to communicate with them, was amazing!

I have always wanted to help KHT further, and when the company I am working for started a Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, I decided to join. Because it was towards the end of the year, the company didn’t have any time to get involved in any charity work. Instead it was decided that we would try to find charities that are ‘glocal’ and where we can actually see the difference the money donated will make. I suggested KHT, as it fitted the profile perfectly. The staff at KHT were a great help in preparing me for my presentation – they provided details about the water project and some fantastic photos too. The committee loved the charity, and the idea that they would be making a difference in the lives of the Karen.

My advice to anyone else seeking to provide help to KHT is to get involved where ever you can.

Pitch the idea of a CSR committee to your company if you haven’t got one already (it’s great for company image and is becoming more and more popular), or join the CSR committee to get your voice heard.

Interested in doing the same or have more ideas for supporting KHT, then what are you waiting for? Contact our Fundraising team today!