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The volunteer aspect of KHT is central to our charity ethos. The projects we work alongside the Karen people to develop and run, rely on valuable volunteer input. It is in this section that you can find out more about how to take part in two of our Thailand based projects and hear some of the amazing stories that past volunteers have brought back with them after living and working among the Karen people.

Updates From Our Volunteers

More From Our Volunteers

Team work

Teaching English in Khun Mae La

Rosie's experience so far teaching English in Khun Yuam (January to March 2015) See what she has got up to so far:  "This was after I introduced myself in assembly..." "Morning assembly..." "One of my classes. Equivalent of year 11..." This is Nootsabar’s Mother I live with and her niece, Dodo.    "Teaching Dodo the ukulele in my room" " I went to a Catholic/Karen church service. Nootsabar on the right and her Husband, Toy. (I never quite worked out who the little girl was)..." "Scout practice on a Wednesday afternoon..." "School assembly" "Karen ladies at their house..." "Road trip this weekend in the back of a pick-up truck. We went up a very steep mountain road to visit Nootsabar’s husband’s family..." "Apparently this is a very famous bridge - for reasons which I am not sure of - I felt like it was about to collapse" "Stopped at a small animal sanctuary and these really sweet boys ran over to us and said they would be our guides and show us round"

Trekking to base camp

    Lizzy Sheerin: August 2015 (Building a clean water system) September 2015 (Teaching English) "Just finished my first week at Khunyuam Wittaya school! It has been amazing so far, everyone is so wonderful and welcoming and the students are so lovely and polite! I feel incredibly lucky! I have been living with a lady called Nootsabar and her family, they are so kind and caring and look after me so well. [I am] so happy I volunteered with Karen Hilltribes Trust! It has been the best experience and I would recommend this charity to anyone [and] I'm sure these last few weeks are going to be boss! ... "

Exploring the local culture and religion